Thursday, April 28, 2011

Favorite things.

As I am newer to this whole blogging thing, I just became aware of the favorite things Thursday trend.  So with out further ado.  Here are a few of my favorite things. 
1.  Peanut butter and honey on whole grain bread or tortillas after a run (or just for breakfast... if it works to fuel you after a run, it will work to fuel you for your day)

2.  Puppies.  Really, do you need any explanation?  Google image search "beagle puppies"..... go ahead, I'll wait..... (waiting)  Did you finish awing yet?

3.  A nice.... sorry went back to looking at the puppies for a second... warm chai latte.  So relaxing and it is the perfect mix of sweet and spice.

4.  New followers... no... not many new ones recently, but I do appreciate the current two that I have.  I will try to continue my particular brand of insanity just for you guys.

5.  How many are you really supposed to post... I mean, am I going to need to come up with another list of these next week??  Oh, sorry...  Finally, at least for this week, I really like my fiance.  She encourages me to keep pressing on in running.  She really is my best friend, and I am truly blessed to have her in my life.

Look ma... no wall of text /end


  1. Awwww... you are my best friend, too! Love you!

  2. Over from Running to Higher Calling - welcome to blogging. I had a beagle for 13 1/2 years and had to put her to sleep in January - as a result, my husband constantly googled beagle puppies - and . . . . now we have a beagle puppy!!!! Cute for sure! I 'll be checking out your blog moving forward.