Friday, December 10, 2010

Still Random... Still Posting.

Running miles are fewer and farther between than my blog posts as of lat, but I am cross training when possible with a personal trainer and doing some yoga.  This is what brings me to this post.  I have been slowly (and I mean slowly) rehabbing my right knee (ITBS or runner's knee) so weights and yoga are my only forms of exercise aside from the stairs at work. 

My cardio is assuredly on the decline, but my overall strength is improving.  I enjoy the fun work outs that my personal trainer offers (perk from the company I work for is access to a trainer in their fitness room), and I am challenged constantly by the yoga instructor (a short, firecracker of a woman) when I am able to make it in on days when she is there.

Wednesday consisted of a heavy bag workout that saw me throwing hundreds of jabs while intermixing core work and chest and shoulder exercises.  This left me slightly sore the next day from muscle fatigue and my old friend DOMS. Thursday, however, was yoga.  Stereotypically thought of in the U.S. as flexibility only.  THIS IS NOT TRUE.  There is a lot of effort going on in those poses.  Muscles firing to maintain balance, hold the pose properly, and doing so at angles that are not always hit in traditional weight lifting.  Luckily, the instructor realizes that at 6'4'' and 230lbs I am not the average person to see doing yoga.  She encourages and corrects when needed,  The yoga session itself saw me sweat much less and left me feeling calm and grounded.  It was the morning after that reminded me quite emphatically that I indeed had an intense workout the day prior.  I felt like I had been hit by a bus while I slept.  Abs, lower back, quads, hamstrings all of the muscle groups that were key to the poses the day before screamed louder than the alarm clock next to my bed. 

The take home lesson I leaned.  Intensity is not necessary for challenging workout, and yoga is not for sissies.  The DOMS that awoke me this morning are proof enough for me. 

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

For Starters

I haven't ever really blogged before.  I do want to share my race experiences and lessons learned with whoever will read them though.  I run to challenge myself, and it is something that I can do with the Future Mrs.  She is however much faster than me and generally finishes first.  I want to thank in advance anyone who has the spare time to read my likely spaced out posts.