Thursday, April 28, 2011

Favorite things.

As I am newer to this whole blogging thing, I just became aware of the favorite things Thursday trend.  So with out further ado.  Here are a few of my favorite things. 
1.  Peanut butter and honey on whole grain bread or tortillas after a run (or just for breakfast... if it works to fuel you after a run, it will work to fuel you for your day)

2.  Puppies.  Really, do you need any explanation?  Google image search "beagle puppies"..... go ahead, I'll wait..... (waiting)  Did you finish awing yet?

3.  A nice.... sorry went back to looking at the puppies for a second... warm chai latte.  So relaxing and it is the perfect mix of sweet and spice.

4.  New followers... no... not many new ones recently, but I do appreciate the current two that I have.  I will try to continue my particular brand of insanity just for you guys.

5.  How many are you really supposed to post... I mean, am I going to need to come up with another list of these next week??  Oh, sorry...  Finally, at least for this week, I really like my fiance.  She encourages me to keep pressing on in running.  She really is my best friend, and I am truly blessed to have her in my life.

Look ma... no wall of text /end

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

30 days reset.

So Easter kind of blew away my 3 day streak, and, now, I have another three day streak going.  Forecast for tonight is snow.  I mean really!?  It is hard to string together runs like this while battling fatigue and general laziness, but snow in near May?  Otherwise this thing is going smoothly.  The other day I cheated and used a treadmill, but I paid the cost of admission by doing an hour worth of yoga before and then an hour worth of strength training after.  Talk about an energy depleting circuit.  This morning I dutifully chugged out for my run even though muscles were still desiring to stay warm under the comfort of pulled up covers.  I am hoping that this helps me get back into the groove of running.  I know that a mile isn't too far and that often times I end up running farther due to legs finally getting warmed up and that desire to see what they can still do kicking in.  I hope that tomorrow the snow is at least on hold for when I plod out the door.  No wind would be nice too.  But, if nature decides otherwise, hopefully my roommates won't use up all of the hot water while I am out for a run.  Oh, and for the moment, I currently have to do the whole morning ritual by candle light in the bathroom do to a wiring issue.  Showers by candle light are too relaxing.  Shaving by candle light often results in missed spots. And the scented candles are often appreciated after other activities. On that note /end wall of text.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

3rd times a charm

My body is starting to get used to this daily running thing.  Only a mile and a half today, but everything in moderation to begin with as it was still a bit cooler, and I still wanted to be able to move around while at work today and tomorrow at the future in-laws' place.  I think the massage from the pretty lady that is my fiance also helped.  Some of the intensely sore spots that she hit are greatly improved and general fatigue is less too.  Going to keep this one short as tomorrow is going to be busy with Easter and all that brings.  Hope your families are able to gather and share good memories while creating more tomorrow.  Hopefully I am able to continue this blogging blitzkrieg and rampant running.  One of these days I will discover paragraphs. /end wall of text.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Day 2

Day two started similar to day one.  Weather was threatening rain, but this time it was slightly warmer.  No music again this time as I found my iPod had run out of battery charge.  My leg muscles were already protesting as I stepped out the front door.  (this better not become the norm otherwise I am going to be even less of a morning person.)  My legs were not even started and they wanted to quit, but I set this goal, and I didn't want to admit defeat after only one day.  I trudge diligently along realizing that my slightly later than intended start would mean I had to push my pace in order to get home to get the normal morning routine done before work.  Up one hill down the other side to a stop light and back.  An easy enough course, if you don't mind being on a hill the entire time.  I made it back home with an average pace of about 8-8:30 miles.  Then. after a quickened morning routine, it was off to work an 11 hour shift at the shop.  After work I was treated to a wonderful leg massage by the most beautiful woman I know.  Well that is the short of what turned to be a long day. /end wall of text.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Day 1 done... just in time for regular day to start.

Not sure about you, but nothing says April 21st to me like stepping out the front door and seeing thick layers of frost covering the ground and vehicles in the parking lot.  My run for day 1 consisted of a short little out and back course that totaled 2 miles or there about.  Decided today should be a throw back to when I started running and only took along the absolute essentials: a pair of running shoes and a pair of shorts (and multiple top layers.)  Yep, I am crazy a balmy 32 degrees in my neighbor hood this morning and that is after I got back.  Nothing increases desire to run like seeing the snow ball survival rate at 50/50.  This first run made me realize a few things.  Morning prayers while running only made those prayers revolve around running. (Please Lord, say that SUV is actually going straight and didn't just forget their turn signal.)  Running without music kinda sucks when the only other sound is vehicles slowing down slightly to look at the crazy person huffing away on the sidewalk.  And finally, you start wondering if spring and summer eloped and left us with fall when you see two Canadian geese flying south at top speed. Seriously they have Canadian in their name... they should be used to the cold.  /end wall of text.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Streak.

Here is an opportunity to test my own resolve.  Running World had an interesting article called "The Streaker".  It posed the simple questions, "Could I run EVERY day for a whole year? Well, could you?"  This got my mediocre competitive spirit up.  Could I run a minimum of a mile daily for say a month?  I think I found myself a suitable challenge for the next 30 days.  I will log at least a mile of running daily for the next 30 days.  Starting tomorrow April 21st.  This isn't one of those virtual races or anything that has the potential for reward.  It is just me challenging myself to do something that I don't think I have ever done before.  The dude in the article kept it up for a full year.  I am not so inclined currently, but who knows.  These will likely be all road miles too as I do not own a treadmill, nor do I have an active gym membership.  Game on.  Tomorrow morning at the crack of early be it: rain, sleet, snow (I live in MN remember any one of the 3 are an option in any month except July) or a beautiful day.  I will be out the door for a run.  Want to follow suit? Go for it.  Blog it. Sky write it. Keep it as your own secret.  I for one will probably keep my sporadic postings about it, but hey you are not me and I am not you.  Who knows what my small but maybe devoted few followers will do.  (Seriously though... If you have it written in the sky send me the pic or something.) /end wall of text