Thursday, April 21, 2011

Day 1 done... just in time for regular day to start.

Not sure about you, but nothing says April 21st to me like stepping out the front door and seeing thick layers of frost covering the ground and vehicles in the parking lot.  My run for day 1 consisted of a short little out and back course that totaled 2 miles or there about.  Decided today should be a throw back to when I started running and only took along the absolute essentials: a pair of running shoes and a pair of shorts (and multiple top layers.)  Yep, I am crazy a balmy 32 degrees in my neighbor hood this morning and that is after I got back.  Nothing increases desire to run like seeing the snow ball survival rate at 50/50.  This first run made me realize a few things.  Morning prayers while running only made those prayers revolve around running. (Please Lord, say that SUV is actually going straight and didn't just forget their turn signal.)  Running without music kinda sucks when the only other sound is vehicles slowing down slightly to look at the crazy person huffing away on the sidewalk.  And finally, you start wondering if spring and summer eloped and left us with fall when you see two Canadian geese flying south at top speed. Seriously they have Canadian in their name... they should be used to the cold.  /end wall of text.

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  1. Haha! I love your sense of humor, babe! A lady at the Healing Room suggested I start praying and praising God when I run. I think I'll try it out.