Wednesday, April 27, 2011

30 days reset.

So Easter kind of blew away my 3 day streak, and, now, I have another three day streak going.  Forecast for tonight is snow.  I mean really!?  It is hard to string together runs like this while battling fatigue and general laziness, but snow in near May?  Otherwise this thing is going smoothly.  The other day I cheated and used a treadmill, but I paid the cost of admission by doing an hour worth of yoga before and then an hour worth of strength training after.  Talk about an energy depleting circuit.  This morning I dutifully chugged out for my run even though muscles were still desiring to stay warm under the comfort of pulled up covers.  I am hoping that this helps me get back into the groove of running.  I know that a mile isn't too far and that often times I end up running farther due to legs finally getting warmed up and that desire to see what they can still do kicking in.  I hope that tomorrow the snow is at least on hold for when I plod out the door.  No wind would be nice too.  But, if nature decides otherwise, hopefully my roommates won't use up all of the hot water while I am out for a run.  Oh, and for the moment, I currently have to do the whole morning ritual by candle light in the bathroom do to a wiring issue.  Showers by candle light are too relaxing.  Shaving by candle light often results in missed spots. And the scented candles are often appreciated after other activities. On that note /end wall of text.

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  1. Shaving by candlelight would suck. I hope the electrical issue gets taken care of soon!