Friday, April 22, 2011

Day 2

Day two started similar to day one.  Weather was threatening rain, but this time it was slightly warmer.  No music again this time as I found my iPod had run out of battery charge.  My leg muscles were already protesting as I stepped out the front door.  (this better not become the norm otherwise I am going to be even less of a morning person.)  My legs were not even started and they wanted to quit, but I set this goal, and I didn't want to admit defeat after only one day.  I trudge diligently along realizing that my slightly later than intended start would mean I had to push my pace in order to get home to get the normal morning routine done before work.  Up one hill down the other side to a stop light and back.  An easy enough course, if you don't mind being on a hill the entire time.  I made it back home with an average pace of about 8-8:30 miles.  Then. after a quickened morning routine, it was off to work an 11 hour shift at the shop.  After work I was treated to a wonderful leg massage by the most beautiful woman I know.  Well that is the short of what turned to be a long day. /end wall of text.

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