Tuesday, May 31, 2011

How do you Du?

Well, I have went off the deep end in endurance athletics.  I have run 1 mile, 4k, 5k, an adventure 5k, 4 miles, 10k, 12k, 1/2 marathons, a Ragnar Relay and a 25k.  This evening I signed up for my first full Du, the Minneapolis Duathlon.

That being said. HELP.  I have ridden a bike.  Hell, I own a very nice bike (as well as proper safety gear).

My Trek 1000 SL

I need effective training programs or advice to make sure my first Du is a good experience.  Luckily, I used incentives give out by Team Ortho to their volunteers to register. 

Looking to keep this one short:

Have you ever signed up for a race on a whim?

How did it turn out for you?

1 comment:

  1. I signed up for a half on a whim and it turned out GREAT! Ok, minus the losing three toenails and not running for a month after. haha But I loved it.

    You'll love the duathlon. I'm a big fan of multisport events!