Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Not just doing the minimum

The wait for my return is over.  Or at least my random drop off the internet world is over.  Back from a run and some thinking.

One thing that I have noticed over the past 29 days of running is that I often only did the minimum of 1 mile.  Granted some of those days were weather related, but today I thought I would do something a bit different and did 3.5 miles.  My Nike+ system is still wonky (read foot pod battery failure likely culprit) so I did things the old fashioned way and ran a route that I had previously driven after a reset of the trip meter.

I enjoyed seeing many people out enjoying the nice evening temps.  A few were on bikes, but most were out for a casual stroll.  I used them as miniature goals.  Pass the group of old ladies walking by the end of this hill (they were already 3/4 of the way up). Don't step in what that dog just did on the sidewalk and the owners ignored. Don't get hit by the biker that is weaving toward me on that down hill (bikes and sidewalks should not be used together on low traffic roads).  Nod knowingly to the other runner as they pass by.

I ran with a single head phone in just to give myself some rhythm and something to give me energy.  Playlist included artists like Flyleaf, Atmosphere, and J. Alan (my brother so it is OK if you don't recognize him, but if you want to check him out free download here).

Do you set mini goals while out on runs?

Do you listen to music? Use distance tracking equipment?


  1. I've started incorporating a few fartleks on my runs to increase my speed.

    I love listening to music when I run and I like using both my Garmin and the Nike+ system to track mileage.

  2. I set goals while I'm out running (distance, pacing, or just simple enjoyment at times), but they often get changed on the go. Like this morning I headed out for 2.0 miles and ended up doing 3.8 because I felt so awesome.

    I don't listen to music. I kicked that habit last fall and all I carry with me is a watch with a timer. I generally know how far certain things are away from my apartment so I can guess within maybe a half mile of how far I've gone, but I really prefer to just go out, run, and figure it all out afterwards.