Thursday, May 5, 2011

The streak goes on.

The streak that I have restarted since the day after Easter continues.  I have run at least one mile/day.  This might not sound like much but one of those miles was to test out Vibram Five Finger Bikilas.  While they performed well and I am very happy with them, I have had calf muscles that have been threatening mutiny since Tuesday afternoon.  Wednesday my legs just felt a little dead.  Today however DOMS was in full effect and made most of my workout attempts quite interesting.  Since my job schedule is anything but normal (40/week but never really having set days off with consistency), I had the opportunity to do yoga again today followed by weight training. 

Yoga with calf muscles in protest is much more difficult than yoga normally.  Luckily, we did a lot of seated poses and only a few that were really standing and balancing on a single leg.   The real challenge is weight training after yoga.  You spent the last hour or so gently moving and stretching, lengthening and relaxing, only to start pounding and tensing, shortening and straining them for the next hour.  Do my trainers think I am nuts? No, they have pretty much concluded that I am.  No more thought needed.

But like my ADD demands I must also share a completely separate idea. Happy Cinco de Mayo. Or should I say Feliz Cinco de Mayo.  And since it is also a three things Thursday I will share three things.
1) I am continually blessed by having good friends and a wonderful fiance.
2) I am more that excited about being able to cook a wonderful meal for my fiance tonight (chicken fajitas)
3) Good Luck to EMZ who will be doing a 24 hr run to benefit the Sojourner Center. If you wish to donate, click HERE

Thanks for reading my ramblings. /end

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  1. I am blessed to be marrying you! Thank you for the delicious meal! :)