Wednesday, May 11, 2011

TC 1 Mile Tomorrow

I am looking forward to double dipping tomorrow during the TC 1 mile (hey it is a mile run, I paid for it, and it fits my criteria for running at least 1 mile a day).  The TC 1 mile is a road race down the streets of Minneapolis and also contains the "USA 1 Mile road Championship" for the elites.

Which brings me to my second point Ryan Hall, yes US Olympian Ryan Hall, and his wife Sara will be there.  As one of you may know, Ryan Hall is one of my favorite distance athletes.  One of the other local bloggers that I follow , Steve in a Speedo?! Gross! seen HERE (nasty first sunburn by the way), has the opportunity to go  to the press luncheon prior to the event.  Will he meet Mr. and or Mrs. Hall who knows.  All I know is the Brits Pub cheer zone during the elite wave will likely have more than a few local enthusiasts cheering as the Halls blaze past.  Here is hoping that it isn't raining like it was this for this morning's run.

So I kind of liked the idea of picking your brains, so today's question is:  Who is your favorite distance athlete? 

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  1. Ryan Hall and Kara Goucher. But you already knew that... ;-)