Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Sights We See.

It came to my attention on my run this evening that runners often get to see many sights that others might miss (including other runners that are focused entirely on their run).  Last year I had the privilege of running many races.  I saw sun rises, eagles soaring, heads bobbing amidst their own personal clouds of breath.  I saw people accomplish things they may have thought were not possible.  I saw the looks of disappointments in performances as well as the fire of determination burning to do better next time.  I saw parents dragging their children along encouraging them to do better.  I saw children dragging their parents promising that the finish line isn't that much farther (it is all a matter of opinion).

These are all things that are only seen by runners and the friends that they drag out of bed in the morning to drop them at the start, possibly cheer somewhere in the middle and pick them up at the finish.

Also, I have seen new cities.  I have traveled to different locals to see races that my fabulous fiance was participating in.  Las Vegas for a Mardi Gras themed race, Portland for a half marathon, and come this November Savanah, GA to complete my first destination race the Rock'n;Roll Savanah Half Marathon with my then new wifey.

Unrelated, I finished my own little 30 day challenge today.  I successfully ran at least one mile each day for 30 days straight.  Today, knowing that tomorrow holds a possible rest day, I decided to go for broke.  10 kilometers later, my legs hate me.  My quads quit around 4 miles in.  My feet were aware of the extra distance being pounded out. My calves are probably the only muscle group that is happy, but only because I didn't do the run in my Bikilas.

I had mentioned to my future wifey that I was wondering what my next challenge should be, and with out missing a beat she said I should run 2 miles minimum.  I don't think that will be quite it, but I will more than likely keep running more often as it seems to give me time to think and pray without all of the electronic distractions that I like.

For some reader participation:

What is something memorable that you have seen while on a race course?

Do you often do destination races? If so, do you you have one that stands out? (Boston counts but please have a second one too)

Note: first question has been edited to improve clarity of thought.

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  1. I'm not sure what you mean by the first question. I prefer to be a participant than a spectator, if that's what you're asking.

    Nike Women's in San Fran is by far my favorite. Everything about that trip was awesome.