Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Long March Home - Volunteer report

The Go Commando Adventure 5k that I was looking Forward to ALL. FREAKING. WEEK (Might steal this every once and a while from EMZ) was today.  It did not disappoint.  The early morning sucked.  Seriously, who knew that they also made 4 in the AM variety and not just the PM.  BUT I was soon reminded that I was not the only one that sacrificed cozy bed for the sake of a sport that I love.

The dedicated volunteers at 6 AM.
We went to the race site on buses since there was little parking available at the site.
The morning was cool and the dew on the grass soaked through my shoes early on and that was the last time my feet would be dry the rest of the day.  This gave me free reign though to go ANYWHERE my little shutter bug heart desired though. (I mean my feet were already wet, so what would standing in that pond hurt?)
Volunteers work in the background to get the participant swag bags set up.

The morning went on, and I started to chat with various volunteers that I knew from previous races.  Most asked about my missing better half, but were understanding when they found out she was in her home town.  (Later found out to be taking 2nd in her age group at a 5k in her home town. Congrats babe!) She is also the one that suggested that I post a few of my favorite photos here.  So, I will follow that advice and let the photos tell the story (with the help of captions).
Teams were encouraged and could garner a discount if large enough.
Individuals were also welcomed though (as well as creative costume)
Two participants navigate the Hayfever Ridge (The first of many obstacle, especially for those with asthma or allergies)
This pond was the 2nd obstacle (2 1/2 mile left in soaked shoes.) Style points for good entry though.
The next obstacle I didn't get a photo of (mainly because I forgot about it), but it involve climbing over large spools that once held heavy cabling.
This obstacle proved hard than it looked, but also allowed for some artistic flair if you were trusting of the participants footing.
After a winding run up a tubing hill (the race site was a local cross country skiing area and tubing hill), they came to the next obstacle.
They weren't terribly high, but after nearly two miles they seemed like they were!
Sand dunes came shortly after as the final mile was packed with obstacles.  Style points can shave of time right?
Pine trees and rope formed a hilly switchback.
This next obstacle deserves multiple photos.
This obstacle increased everyone's pace!

Yep there is a person causing that.

This one too!
A sandy ascent.
No adventure course is complete without running through tires.
Or the jumping of fire.
Then the final challenge.

 Remember time doesn't matter when you run.  It is most important that you are out there!

Let your imagination run wild with what this one made people look like.

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  1. Awesome photos! You had some amazing action shots! I like that they had two tubes for the slide this year instead of one.

    On a side note, I think the guy doing the karate kick looks like Steve Perry from Journey, haha! :)