Sunday, June 19, 2011

Go Commando! - Pre-race pomp

Not often do I get this excited about a week before a race, but this race is different.  This year I will be volunteering as a photographer and then running.  (made possible by a volunteer wave at the end to let those who sacrificed prime running time to do the dirty work)  This race is Team Ortho's Go Commando (note the links are separate sites).  At the ass crack of dawn, I will be loaded onto a volunteer bus and shipped off to the race site where packets, gear (hat and t-shirt) and goodies (face paint) will be doled out to this years participants before a 5k jaunt through obstacles ensues.  My challenge is to photograph for 12 hrs and then run.

Now, you might be saying, "how hard could it be?"  To which my response is, "how many good race photos have you had take of you?"  Then again, I am not your average photographer.  Most race photogs that I have passed are silent sentinel poised with camera at the ready to collect a pay check.  I will be doing this as a volunteer, why, because I love this sport.  This is a race where the kid in you gets to hijack your adult hobby.  Climb over that wall, sure it was put there for that purpose.  Those cones lead me through that pond; yep, you bet.  Wait are things burning in the path; um yeah, might want to run quickly through that because singed leg hair smells.  Hell one of the obstacles is even reminiscent of a slip and slide.  If you find a way to run this race and not get caked in mud, you should be made to do it over again, so you can get it right.

To those who might actually be reading this and running this event: smile at the big goon with the camera!

Otherwise, what could a photographer do to make you smile while on the course?  Suggestions are welcome and would be mandatory if I could figure out how to do that.

Happy trails!


  1. I know you'll have a good time this weekend. I'll be trying to get an age group award at the 5K in my hometown. :)

  2. How cool that you get to volunteer AND race? Awesome. Good luck!

    I propose you just start making random animal noises at people to get their attention for the picture. ha.

  3. Hey thanks for the advice! I am ready for some fun tomorrow, but I will take it easy on obstacles bc I have the LTF Tri coming up. Don't need to injure myself! Look for the bald guy in flannel with cutoff jeanshorts with a red bandanna. Going redneck for this one!