Monday, June 13, 2011

The brick

So, in my life I have experienced many bricks, I have lifted brick to help with masonry (well block technically, but in practice just large bricks).  I have shit a brick (cafeteria food in high school can be brutal).  I have dove for a brick in lifeguard training.  Shot a brick (free throws are hard). I have used a brick as a mascot (high school track). I have even had a brick smashed on my chest while laying on a bed of nails (physics demonstration).  But, today, I experienced a new type of brick.  A nice little bike followed by a nice little run... well depending on what you consider little.  Tonight I did a nice little 10 mile ride followed by a 3 mile run.

My ten mile ride went smoothly.  I grabbed my bike after getting home from work and rolled down the road at a moderate pace.  I was able to maintain a moderate pace of 16 mph, so the bike went quickly (about 40 minutes).  Then with a quick change of shorts (needed a different pair of compression shorts since my bike shorts don't quite agree with running),  I was back out the door before my roommates even realized that I had left. 

I quickly realized why these workouts are called bricks.  My legs still wanted to use the cycling muscles even when I wanted to be using the running muscles that I have been abusing training.  My feet felt sluggish and my legs were heavy.  I did notice that I was not over striding and was getting a nice mid-foot strike (didn't realize that this might help my form).  One of my roommates said he saw me on the way to get his dinner and said it looked like I was able to maintain a steady clip, but my legs still felt like rubber for the first mile.  I got back in about half and hour.

All in all, I think that my first Du is going to be interesting.  I still need to about double the bike distance and throw in another run before hand of 5k.  I am still looking for pointers on how to train and etiquette during a Du.  I know runners have their code and I am assuming that it still holds during the run part, but the biking etiquette (other than the basics) is still a mystery.  Any suggestions on where to look aside from the good ol' Google?

Congrats to my fiance (hint: she is the most frequent commenter) who placed second in her age group at the ALARC Legends 10k this last Saturday in Deephaven, MN. 

Also Congrats to Steve in a Speedo for being a new father of a new little boy.  For full report go HERE

Well that is all for now folks.  Happy Monday!


  1. You had a brick smashed on your chest while you were lying on a bed of nails? Oooh... I haven't heard this story yet! Do tell!

    The bike portion of the du is 18 miles. You're more than halfway there. I think your training is going well.

    Oh hey, did you see that City of Lakes 25K is giving out finisher medals this year, along with the stein, because it's an anniversary year? I just might register... even though it's 6 days before we get married. :)

  2. Great blog! I just started mine to chronicle my adventures into triathlons, I started running in '09 to get healthy and thats where its led me. I missed out on the ALARC Legends, I won a free entry from Steve, but after running the Minneapolis Half, my legs weren't too ready for another race. Good luck on the Du, I have 4 friends du-ing it too! I am doing Team Otho's Go Commando on the 25th, I am pumped!

  3. I will also be at the Go Commando. Still working on finding an appropriate outfit.